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International Tennis Team is a project which results from different experiences in the world of tennis but all united by a great passion for this sport.
We are based in Italy near Venice: Location and directions

Are you a tennis player? Do you want to improve your tennis ranking?

Are you a tennis enthusiast? Do you want to improve your technique and your strategy in playing tennis?

We have some very good reasons why you should contact I.T.T.

  1. Our great passion for tennis.
  2. Competence and professionality directly on the tennis court.
  3. All the athletes that have trained with us have improved their tennis ranking.

Come along and meet us!

The tennis club I.T.T. is a member of the F.I.T. the Italian Federation of Tennis.

Contact us

Looking for tennis in Italy? Call us:
Mobile. +39.334.2958114

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